If you’re struggling with the loss of a beloved pet, remember you aren’t alone. I’ve compiled some helpful resources to help during this time of great pain. Online Resources The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement is a nonprofit association of concerned volunteers who are knowledgeable about the tender subject of pet death and dedicated to […]

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets leaves an empty hole in our hearts forever, not just temporarily. In honor of preserving your pet’s memory, I’ve compiled a list of talented artists who provide various products designed to help heal your pain. I will continue adding to this list as I partner with small businesses and […]

When a person you love dies, it’s natural to feel sorrow, express grief, and expect friends and family to provide understanding and comfort. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t always hold true if the one who died was your companion animal. Many consider grieving inappropriate for someone who has lost “just a pet.” Nothing could be further […]

Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers seen in dogs. Although there are breeds that appear to be at increased risk for this disease, lymphoma can affect any dog of any breed at any age. It accounts for 10-20% of all cancers in dogs. Lymphoma is a malignant cancer that involves the lymphoid system. […]