Going with Grace Pet Photography

I have loved pets and I have lost pets.  I know the extreme pain of losing a furry companion and realize that some people will never understand the connection we as humans have with our beloved pets and empty hearts we are left with when they leave us.  In my journey as a pet photographer since 2009, I have become known for photographing pets that are close to crossing the rainbow bridge. I have remained true to my goal of creating an uplifting experience which celebrates the life of your pet and provides peace and comfort in knowing your pet’s memory will be preserved forever in the form of timeless and unique photographs.

Going with Grace was created as a source of comfort for others going through the same pain of losing a pet and to encourage having your senior or terminally ill pets photographed before they cross the rainbow bridge. 

Be sure to check out some of my memorial sessions of pets which will be featured in the April 2012 issue of Life + Dog Magazine – available nationally at Barnes and Nobles around April 17.  Sneak peaks coming early April – so stay tuned to this blog for future posts.


I never realized how many pets would touch my heart until I became a pet photographer. I only meet each furry companion briefly, but they become extremely special to me for a lifetime.  Over the years, I have been sent many emergency requests to photograph terminally ill or aging senior pets.  I will drop anything and rearrange my schedule to accommodate such requests. Knowing the unbearable pain of losing a pet, I can deeply empathize with what your family is going through and it is my goal to help ease your sorrow and celebrate your pets life and bond with them.

I will travel within the Kansas City area to the outdoor location of your choice or an indoor location if natural light is available.  If you live outside of the immediate Missouri & Kansas region, I would consider traveling to other cities and states for an additional charge to cover gas and/or mileage.

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