Pet Creative Keepsakes and Artists

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets leaves an empty hole in our hearts forever, not just temporarily. In honor of preserving your pet’s memory, I’ve compiled a list of talented artists who provide various products designed to help heal your pain. I will continue adding to this list as I partner with small businesses and artists who share this mission.

Angel Watercolor Prints

Artist: Cyndi Lynch
About: I first learned about Cyndi’s work when someone shared this beautiful image with me after Abby passed. I don’t know why, but it was the only thing that comforted me when I would wake in the night so upset. You can find her angels holding many different breeds and various creatures.

griefPets Kits

Artist: Amy LeBlanc
About: griefPets were designed with “healing emotions” in mind. griefPets have a zippered belly compartment that holds a microwaveable heat pack to help calm and soothe the griever. They also have a heart frame on the chest to hold a photo of the beloved pet and a hidden pocket to hold precious mementos. This kit includes a journal written by a licensed therapist to work the griever through the stages and process of grief, writing down memories and emotions as a way of honoring your pet and the special bond you shared.

Cremation Glass Art & Jewelry

Artist: Chris Santora
About: Sands of Time was founded in 2011 by glassblower and cremation artist, Chris Santora. They are located in Kansas City but offer services in the US and beyond. They sell various blown glass and jewelry options that hold your pet’s precious ashes.

Ceramic Tiles

Artist: Jennifer Starr
About: I started crafting gifts for my clients who had to say goodbye to their beloved pet. I create these using ceramic tiles, applying modge podge to affix a personalized photo of your pet onto the tile. Then I add a cork protective backing and ribbon loop so you can use as a coaster or hang on the wall.


Artist: David Farquhar
: For over twenty years, David has created wooden fine art. Each raw piece is like a blank canvas. It’s all about combining wood blocks that contrast and compliment, then turning them on a lathe into true works of art. He believes in the purity of the natural wood colorations, so he never adds artificial dyes. At most, he inlays turquoise stones or creates an epoxy casting with the wood, only to improve its stunning appearance for pure artistic value. His work is displayed in the Kemper Gallery of Contemporary Art and the Hallar Gallery of Fine Art near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Every piece he creates is a labor of love.

About: After receiving an unsatisfactory urn that held our Abby’s ashes, I found this beautiful and affordable one on Amazon. It is sturdy and I especially love that I could put a photo in it too.

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