Introducing personalized digital pet portraits! Order your custom print from my shop link here. I can create art with individual pets, pets who have their wings or merging two pets into one final piece of art. Email for more detail.

Dogs, adoptable cats and even guinea pigs were at the studio this week. My first official week in my new space was a dream! I am located inside Melissa’s Menagerie in Olathe. This location has a doggy daycare for senior dogs, a groomer and even the most adorable cat cafe filled with adoptable cats that visitors can cuddle even […]

Happy Birthday to my first “baby”! I still remember bringing Remington home at 3 months old. I was in my late 20s, no clue how to care for any living creature and long before I had kids of my own. Every year I am a little more nostalgic and emotional about his birthday because I […]

Every Going with Grace session touches my heart. I only meet you for a short time, but I promise you stay in my heart forever. Tyson was 13 and the first “baby” of this family. I photographed him in the Fall when the leaves were changing and the colors were beautiful. It’s hard to explain […]

Ever feel like this? You really just want to crawl back in bed and slap some cucumbers on your eyes? Me too! I’ll admit it’s HARD to balance life, children, (sick) pets and work. But here’s a quick blog post to say I’m still here! My favorite season is quickly approaching. It’s the absolute best […]

May is National Pet Month! What better time to celebrate with your pet? Plan a photo shoot, treat them to a special cake for their birthday, take them to a fun park or surprise them with a pup cup from Starbucks! And since every post is better with a photo, here is Buddy! He recently […]

I am honored to be featured on Giggster as a best pet photographer. I’ve worked SO hard for 17 years to keep this little pet photography/photo restoration business going. I also have a day job + a family and it can be stressful to handle it all. BUT photographing your senior and critically ill pets […]

Remington turns 13 tomorrow!! How is he 13?! I’ve been blessed to have him in my life since he was a wee 3 months old. I remember vividly being completely terrified to own a dog and was so close to turning the other way. Thankfully I took the plunge and he’s been with me through […]

Going with Grace sessions all speak to my heart but I especially love 1:1 sessions with pet and owner. In this case, Sadie’s momma wanted a dedicated session with just the two of them because Sadie was in her life even before her husband and kiddos. This one hits close to home for me since […]

Sweet Fly had a Going with Grace session and sadly crossed the rainbow bridge not long after. She was suffering from Cushing’s Disease and the complications that arise from this terrible condition. She has her wings now and is playing with our fellow beloved pets who’ve crossed. But, what a beautiful thought that when our […]