Remington’s Birthday – Turning 13!

Remington turns 13 tomorrow!! How is he 13?! I’ve been blessed to have him in my life since he was a wee 3 months old. I remember vividly being completely terrified to own a dog and was so close to turning the other way. Thankfully I took the plunge and he’s been with me through every major life event since my late 20s and I am now 40.

He inspired me to expand my business from photo restoration to photographing pets, he’s the silhouette in my logo, the reason I met my husband and truly will forever be my soul dog. I know as he gets older, time with him is growing shorter and this makes me incredibly sad. So for now, I will celebrate his milestone birthday and continue giving him the best life I can, as he’s given to me in return. Happy Birthday to my first “baby”!

For anyone interested in details about his birthday cake, I purchased the cake mix from Petsmart (on major clearance now!) and the reusable silicone pan is from Amazon here.

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