Kansas City Pet Photography – Hudson’s Going with Grace

Every Going with Grace session affects me greatly but sometimes the love between parent and pup is so deep, I literally feel it in my soul. I tear up as I finish editing and find my heart longing for the images to bring you comfort in the difficult days ahead. Meet Hudson and Brooke. Here are Brooke’s eloquent words about saying goodbye. I know many of you can relate and know exactly how she is feeling.

Dear Huddy

“Saying goodbye to sweet Huddy Bear was one of the toughest moments of my life. He was by my side through thick and thin for 12.5 years.

Hudson taught me so much. Like how it’s ok to sometimes just eat and sleep. How fun it is to run around outside. What a good treat can do to your attitude. How to be so excited to see the ones we love. That peanut butter is life. How to fall down and get back up. To protect the ones we love no matter what. Hudson was brave no matter his size. He learned funny tricks and was cautious with who he allowed in his friend group. He taught me to drive around with the windows down and how to ask baristas for extra whipped cream. He helped me advance my career, move places several times, overcome adversity and celebrate the little things.

He was my little meatball that snored, tooted, and waddled his way around. I found his scrunchy face to be incredibly handsome and his eyes were so kind. His heart was massive. He protected me, loved me, guarded me, licked me and was the best company. He made me laugh and feel loved every single day. He helped me navigate life on my own. And in saying goodbye I know he lead me to this amazing new journey in life as a mom. How wonderful of a thought to believe our baby will have a meatball of a bulldog for a guardian angel.

I miss him so much. And, I am forever grateful for his incredible gifts he gave me. He will always be my first little fur baby.”

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