Mariposa’s Resident Kitty Jack

Meet Jack. He was the resident kitty at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center and a pretty special fella. The amount of love that poured out of the office on his photo shoot day was palpable. Jack was so adored and the kind folks at Mariposa ensured his sweet soul was documented on camera to remember always. Sadly, he’s since crossed the rainbow bridge.

I absolutely loved the candid nature of this photo shoot. Cats are much harder to photograph than dogs. I can’t simply dangle a treat and use my human squeaker voice to entice them. Instead, I just follow cats around in their natural element and I love how the end result is a series of photos that truly tells a beautiful story.

Jack was Mariposa’s official greeter. Ariel (photo bomber) was his official sidekick.

Jack stole attention subtly.

And not so subtly….

He took moments to reflect.

He enjoyed the finer things in life. (a.k.a. being hand-fed yummy treats)

And clearly stole all the hearts of the staff. He is greatly missed and it was an honor to document his precious story.

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